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Creative Time presents
The Bruce High Quality Foundation - TEACH 4 AMERIKA
Apr 24, 2011


The Bruce High Quality Foundation — TEACH 4 AMERIKA

LA><ART Sunday April 24, 2011 7-9 PM

Please note that space is limited, please RSVP to Lesley Moon at lesleymoon@laxart.org

What is art school for? Given its exorbitant cost and the unlikelihood of art market success for most students, what should art education be? And what institutions are best suited for the task?

Teach 4 Amerika: The Conversation asks local art students, creative thinkers, and arts professionals to consider these questions on the local level as the first step toward constructing a national imagination of the future of arts education.

Participants will arrive prepared to share and exchange in an open forum the ideas, methodologies, and individual histories that have informed their practice.

Participants should consider:

1. Define what it means to work with or within arts education for you.


2. What would you say are the top three problems with arts education in your area today? Why?


3. Imagine the best possible educational situation for yourself. What does that look like?




In late March 2011, The Bruce High Quality Foundation will pile into a used limousine-cum-school bus and take off on a month-long, coast-to-coast investigation of what's going on with contemporary art schools.


"The idea of art education needs to be taken back from the self-fulfilling professional art education industrial complex," the Foundation argues, "and put in terms — economic, social, and practical – for artists on the ground." Teach 4 Amerika is a rallying effort to begin this conversation on a national scale and to encourage a new generation of students, artists, and educators to imagine what is possible for art education in America.


To read Explaining Pictures to a Dead Bull by The Bruce High Quality Foundation, click here.


For more information on Teach 4 Amerika or to learn more about The Bruce High Quality Foundation, please visit:

www.thebrucehighqualityfoundation.com and www.creativetime.org

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On April 24th 2011, LA><ART is pleased to announce that it will host Teach for Amerika, a new project by The Bruce High Quality Foundation (BHQF), presented by Creative Time, the New York-based nonprofit public art presenter. Teach 4 Amerika is a five-week, 11-city, coast-to-coast road trip that crosses state lines and institutional boundaries to inspire and enable local art students to define the future of their own educational experience. Traveling the byways of America in a limousine painted as a school bus, BHQF will visit university art departments, art schools, art institutions, and alternative spaces across the nation, bringing together concerned educators, artists, arts administrators, and—most importantly—students to brainstorm on the future of art schools. What are they for? How should they be organized? If not for careers, what is the essence of art itself? These fundamental questions have long haunted artists, and the BHQF are interested in putting the questions back in the hands of students across America through a combination of dynamic public rallies and intimate conversations.
The project calls for a national rethinking of the current art education system, and will provide an opportunity for BHQF to present on the issues facing artists seeking an education, as well as catalyze discussions with students. With the multitude of institutionalized fine arts degree tracks throughout the country—which increase in number, enrollment, and cost each year—BHQF have been actively calling for students’ self-organization in New York City with their “unaccredited,” alternative, and completely free school, The Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU). The Teach 4 Amerika tour is a rallying effort to begin this conversation on a national scale and to encourage a new generation of students, artists, and educators to imagine what is possible for art education in America.
Teach 4 Amerika aims to empower artists to create the education they need and not beholden them to a system that professionalizes them out of their own specificity,” said the Bruce High Quality Foundation.
Teach 4 Amerika will combine the spectacle and energy of a political rally with the substantive dialog of a conversation series, featuring a multimedia presentation by the group, balloons, t-shirts, and music from local pep bands. In addition, at most of the stops, BHQF will also organize an intimate conversation between students and a group of arts professionals to begin transforming the ideas and optimism of the rallies into real change. The conversations, hosted by local alternative art spaces, will attempt to take the pulse of the local educational situation and imagine what it could become, culminating in a series of concrete “first steps” in a plan to realize these visions.
“The Teach 4 Amerika tour will highlight the contradictions and crisis operating at the center of art education in the United States today,” said Nato Thompson, Chief Curator, Creative Time. “With student protests emerging in different parts of the country and overseas, we find that the question of not only tuition, but the point of education itself—if not purely to feed workers into the market, what is its larger social function—is gaining widespread attention. The critique of the education system has always been at the forefront of momentous historical change (in particular the momentous period of 1968 comes to mind) and after a year and a half of running their own self-organized art school, the Bruce High Quality Foundation want to catalyze a national discussion for and by art students, making clear that the structure of art education is a construct and the paradigm can be altered.”
Teach 4 Amerika is presented in partnership with 1419, Carnegie Mellon, the College for Creative Studies, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Detroit SOUP, The Experimental College of the Twin Cities (EXCO), Feldman Gallery at PNCA, High Mayhem Emerging Arts, Illiterate Magazine, Little Wing, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA><ART, Meow Wolf, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA, Red Cell, Roots & Culture, San Francisco Art Institute, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, SITE Santa Fe, The Soap Factory, Southern Exposure, threewalls, Tyler School of Art, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Minnesota, Vox Populi, The Waffle Shop, and The Walker Art Center.  


Tour Dates & Locations

New York, NY
• March 29: rally at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Philadelphia, PA
• March 31: rally at Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art
• April 1: conversation at Vox Populi

Pittsburgh, PA
• April 2: rally at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon
• April 3: conversation at The Waffle Shop

Chicago, IL
• April 6: conversation at Roots & Culture, in collaboration with threewalls
• April 7: rally at University of Illinois at Chicago

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
• April 9: rally at the University of Minnesota in partnership with The Walker Arts Center
• April 10: conversation at The Soap Factory, in collaboration with 1419 and The Experimental College of the Twin Cities (EXCO)

Detroit, MI
• April 12: rally presented by the College for Creative Studies’ Woodward Lecture Series, co-sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
• April 13: conversation at Detroit SOUP

Denver, CO
• April 16 [daytime] : rally at the Museum for Contemporary Art Denver
• April 16 [evening] : conversation at Illiterate Magazine

Santa Fe, NM
•  April 20: rally at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design
• April 21: conversation at SITE Santa Fe, in collaboration with High Mayhem Emerging Arts, Little Wing, Meow Wolf, and Red Cell

Los Angeles, CA
• April 24: conversation at LAXART
• April 25: rally at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

San Francisco, CA
• April 27: rally presented by the San Francisco Art Institute Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series
• April 28: conversation at Southern Exposure

Portland, OR
• May 1: rally at Portland State University
• May 2: conversation at the Feldman Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art

The Bruce High Quality Foundation, the official arbiter of the estate of Bruce High Quality, is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of the late social sculptor, Bruce High Quality. In the spirit of the life and work of Bruce High Quality, we aspire to invest the experience of public space with wonder, to resurrect art history from the bowels of despair, and to impregnate the institutions of art with the joy of man’s desiring.  
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Lead project support for Teach 4 Amerika is provided by John Bader and Peggy Jacobs Bader.
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