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Doug Aitken
Migration Happening
Oct 15, 2009

In conjunction with Doug Aitken’s first monumental public installation in Los Angeles, a host of partners including Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), LA><ART Public Art Initiatives, and ForYourArt - L.A.P.D - LA Public Domain will produce a night time event featuring musicians to participate in an outdoor “happening” inclusive of the musicians composing a live impromptu score to the publicly projected film Migration.

Confirmed participants include Lucky Dragons, Nudge, Steve Roden, The Urxed, and White Rainbows. Two temporary stages will be built site specifically, allowing the score to remain unbroken as the musicians alternate from stage to stage. The artist sees a night of continuous eclectic avant-garde music to animate and complement his public projection/intervention, a constant sonic reinterpretation of the film itself.

LA><ART Public Art Initiatives and ForYourArt produce public projects under the program L.A.P.D. - LA Public Domain - featuring experimental artistic and curatorial interventions in the public domain.

LAND is a public art initiative committed to the support of dynamic and unconventional artistic practices by commissioning and producing site- and situation-specific projects with national and international artists.

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