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The Artists’ Library Event #1 featuring Dan Levenson, Dave Muller, Litia Pe...
Jun 25, 2016

An event enlivening and contextualizing our newly launched installation, The Artists’ Library. Designed by Warren Neidich, The Artists’ Library presents books selected by twelve artists, curators, and writers, offering an interactive window into their practices and thinking. For this event, artist Dan Levenson will read new writing while screening a related 3D film, Dave Muller will present books that couldn’t fit on his shelf, and writer Litia Perta will read and discuss a new text written by Chris Kraus that muses on her beloved bookshelf in Mexico. After the presentations, guests are invited to stay and listen to music selected by Dave Muller. 


This event marks the occasion of a six-week long, salon-style, mini-exhibition in the LA><ART Library featuring art work by the twelve participants of The Artists’ Library:  Sarah Beadle, Walead Beshty, Carolina Caycedo, Valentina Desideri, Victoria Fu, Charles Gaines, Pablo Helguera, Chris Kraus, Dan Levenson, Candice Lin, Shana Lutker, and Dave Muller. Future events around The Artists’ Library will take place in January and June, 2017. Please check laxart.org for more info.