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Antonio de Jesus Lopez
En La Espera
Mar 10 - Apr 14, 2012


Antonio de Jesus Lopez

En La Espera


Silver gelatin emulsion on corn husk

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Kelly Poe: For the Wild

LA><ART Gallery One and LA><ART Billboard

March 10 – April 14, 2012

Opening Reception: March 10, from 6-8pm


Screening of If a Tree Falls at the Mandrake (2692 S. La Cienega Blvd) on March 27th at 7pm


Referred to as the “Green Scare” in the activist community, Operation Backfire was initiated by the United States government in 2005, and prevailed as one of our nation’s largest investigations into animal and environmental liberation actions. As a result, many activists were labeled as domestic terrorists, sentenced to lifelong terms in some extreme cases. In 2006, after following many of the trials and testimonies, Kelly Poe began writing to the incarcerated, compelled to connect with them—and ultimately to defend and empower them while they remained inactive.


For the Wild is the collaborative manifestation of Poe’s intimate correspondences with seven activists. In her letters, Poe asked them to describe the places that keep them sane, to tell her what time of day to visit these sites so that she could capture the location’s undisturbed beauty as it existed in their mind’s eye. She traveled from the Pacific Northwest to the Arizona desert, from the South Dakota Badlands to the Atlantic Ocean to do so. Acknowledging both the tradition and the inherently political undertone of landscape photography, Poe’s work actively attempts to resuscitate a clichéd genre. In addition to the collection of images exhibited here, the artist produced a handmade, oversized book. Printed on rag paper, the book contains years of correspondence between artist and activists—the many photographs, drawings and letters exchanged in support over this period of time. On the occasion of this exhibition, Poe has produced a limited edition artists book for $85.


About the Artist

Poe is known as an environmentalist and a photographer, sharing an equal passion in both pursuits. In 2006, the artist began writing to incarcerated environmental activists, ones like Rodney Coronado, offering them a connection to the world outside again. Poe has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles; Artist’s Space, New York; White Columns, New York, and the Museo de Las Artes de La Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico. She received her BA from Otis College of Art and Design and obtained her MFA from California Institute of the Arts.


Phil Chang: Cache, Active

LA><ART Gallery Two

March 10 – April 14, 2012

Opening Reception: March 10, from 6-8pm


Panel discussion to be held on the occasion of the closing of the exhibition

April 14 at 2pm at LA><ART (2640 S. La Cienega Blvd)


Cache, Active includes twenty-one photographs that expose and fade in the light necessary to view them. These photographs are produced by using expired photographic paper; the types of photographs include abstraction, appropriated imagery, portraits, still lives, and landscapes. Each photograph is not subjected to darkroom chemistry, allowing for a durational process to occur. Because the expired paper’s sensitivity to light has been greatly diminished, the photographs on view will expose in five hours of continuous exposure time, gradually transforming to a reddish-brown monochrome. Each photograph is presented in a custom picture frame with removable backing that allows for a replenishing of a photograph during the exhibition of the work. Cache, Active seeks to raise questions along the lines of value, reception, intention, and the conditions of an exhibition site.


The work also addresses the efficacy and viability of contemporary artworks within the larger context of the present day recession. These questions hinge on a formal and durational operation where the photographs on view will fade precisely because of the physical conditions particular to the exhibition site: placement on the wall, the lights of the gallery, and the act of viewing the work. Walter Benn Michaels has contributed an essay as a supplement to the exhibition, entitled “Meaning and Affect: Phil Chang's Cache, Active”.


About the Artist

Phil Chang received his MFA from The California Institute of the Arts and his BA from the University of California, Irvine. His work has been exhibited in group shows at Pepin Moore, Renwick Gallery, Angels Gallery, and The Swiss Institute. His work has been written about in Artforum.com and The New Yorker. In 2010, Chang completed "Four Over One," an artist’s publication that is published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in association with Textfield, Inc. In addition to his project with LA><ART, Chang has organized "Affective Turns?," a group exhibition at Pepin Moore gallery in Los Angeles. He is currently visiting faculty in the Department of Art at UCLA and a lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design. Phil Chang lives and works in Los Angeles.

Dianna Molzan: Untitled                                       Artemio:

LA><ART Façade                                                      LA><ART Entryway


John Outterbridge:                                                  Antonio De Jesus Lopez:    

LA><ART Entryway                                                  LA><ART Mini-Wrong Gallery


LA><ART EDITIONS: Kelly Poe, Phil Chang, Daniel Joseph Martinez, John Outterbridge, Melanie Nakaue, Guy de Cointet, Shannon Ebner, Kate Costello, Nick Herman, Justin Beal, Scoli Acosta, Doug Aitken and Tyler Warren, Edgar Arceneaux, Kelly Barrie, Zoe Crosher, Sherin Guirgis, Karl Haendel, Skyler Haskard, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Vincent Johnson, Adria Julia, Glenn Kaino, Joel Kyack, William Leavitt, Michelle Lopez, Shana Lutker, Yunhee Min, Kori Newkirk, Michael Rashkow, Marco Rios, Ruben Ochoa, Anna Sew Hoy, Joel Tauber, and Amir Zaki.


PUBLICATIONS: Phil Chang: Four Over One; Ruben Ochoa: EXTRACTED; Amir Zaki: Eleven Minus One; John Divola: Three Acts; Quadruple-Consciousness; and LA><ART>5.



Founded in 2005, LA><ART is a leading independent nonprofit contemporary art space in Los Angeles, committed to the production of experimental exhibitions and public art initiatives. Responding to Los Angeles’ cultural climate, LA><ART produces and presents new work for all audiences and offers the public access to the next generation of artists and curators. LA><ART supports challenging work, reflecting the diversity of the city and stimulates conversations on contemporary art in Los Angeles, fostering dynamic relationships between art, artists and their audiences. LA><ART produced and commissioned over 100 projects in its first five years.


In 2012, LA><ART will launch its Vision Campaign including The Occasional – a city wide exhibition and public art initiative.  This platform for LA continues the organization’s ongoing commitment to supporting artistic and curatorial freedom while focusing on commissioning new work in experimental contexts.


LA><ART’s programs are made possible with the generous support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Danielson Foundation, the G.L. Waldorf Family Fund, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs, Proskauer Rose LLP, and LA><ART's Board, Producers Council, Collectors Circle and Curators Council.


Kelly Poe’s exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Sonya Eram. Special thanks to Shana Lutker.

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Forthcoming Exhibitions:
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LA><ART Galleries One and Two                   
Participant Inc. Project at LA><ART
Guest Curated by Lia Gangiatano 
April 21 – May 19, 2012
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