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Jedediah Ceasar
Sep 28, 2013

In the context of Glow, Jedediah Caesar extended his research on the issue of currency to create an off-site, site-specific performative and participatory installation on the beach as part of Glow on September 28, 2013 in collaboration with LA><ART.

This project continues Jedediah Caesar’s interest in the shifting significations that we apply to organic and man-made objects. In this exhibition, Caesar’s cohesive resin sculptures are atomized into an array of component materials, arranged into containers following a taxonomy of camouflage, excavation, and preservation; an analogue archive of the landscape the artist explores for inspiration and the landscapes he produces within his work.

Caesar’s work looks at how the landscape is marked with the language of desire and questions the iconographic roots of the sculptural object. His work proposes that sculpture can be defined in terms outside of “object-hood.” With shapes suggestive of bundled cargo, these man-made stones suggest a sculpture can be a temporary accumulation of values best elucidated through an investigation that emphasizes materials rather than form.


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