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LA><ART Sound
Jul 8 - 18, 2007

Untitled (for seven solo voices)
7 one-minute loops
Selected by Timothy Ivison
July 8 - July 18, 2007

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LA><ART SOUND engages the entryway as a project space for imbedded sound experiments featuring looping and extended ambient works, conceptual projects, and site specific interpretations of the gallery and street to be played continuously at regular intervals.

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LA><ART SOUND: Ultra-Red: Untitled (for seven solo voices)

7 one-minute loops Playing continuously, July 1-18, 2007


Curated by Tim Ivison


Ultra-Red's Untitled (for seven solo voices) will mark the end of LA><ART SOUND as a series of static, looping sound installations for the gallery entryway.


For our final installation, Ultra-Red presents seven short spoken-word statements that function as a vicarious embodiment of political subjectivity. The recordings are of individuals attempting to repeat looping statements as they hear them on headphones. Culled from a series called SILENT| LISTEN (2005-2006), the recordings are from discussions about AIDS activism and reference both personal and political moments that occurred during the

SILENT|LISTEN series. As a conceptual gesture, the repetitive statements are essentially a direct, albeit awkward attempt to enunciate the words of another. But as a phenomenological and political exercise, to say what they say out loud and to repeat it can have many effects. For some, it establishes a reality, as the words are repeated with increasing conviction, affecting a moment of solidarity. For others, the repetition eventually rends the meaning of the statement, sending it back into obscurity.


From the Ultra-Red mission statement: Ultra-red's ten associates in North America and Europe work within a variety of ambiences conducting Militant Sound Investigations of the spaces of needle exchange (Soundtrax, 1992 - 1996), public sex (Second Nature, 1995 - 1998), public housing (Structural Adjustments, 1997 - 2003), resistance to global capital (Value System, 1998 - 2003), labor (Social Factory, 1997 - 2002), education (School of Echoes, 2001 - Present), anti-racism and migration struggles (Surveying The Future, 2001 - Present), and HIV/AIDS (SILENT|LISTEN, 2005 - Present). The group also runs the fair-use online record label, Public Record. for more information, see www.ultrared.org


LA><ART is located at 2640 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 T.310.559.0166 F.310.559.0166 office@laxart.org www.laxart.org


LA><ART is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 6pm.