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Remembering Deep River
Resistance is Futile Except when it Isn’t
Jan 10 - Feb 28, 2015

Deep River (1997-2001) was a five-year project initiated by artists Rolo Castillo, Glenn Kaino, Daniel Joseph Martinez and Tracey Shiffman. Neither commercial nor non-profit, Deep River was 325 square feet of exhibition space located at 712 Traction Avenue in Los Angeles. Deep River presented an experimental laboratory conceived as a “social sculpture.” The Deep River space focused on local concerns, cultural diversity and difference, putting forth an alternative model wherein temporality eschewed the logic of institutionalization. Deep River’s embodiment of a collective and finite model, which subverted the operations of both the museum and the market represents a significant contribution to the legacy of alternative spaces in LA and beyond.

At the moment of LA><ART’s 10 year anniversary, our organization reflects on the legacy and values of Deep River that we have inherited. Staging selected artifacts from Deep River, LA><ART remembers the history and ethos of the space.

In collaboration with curators Jackie von Treskow and Adrienne White.

Remembering Deep River is made possible with the generous support of Sima Familant. Special thanks to Roberts and Tilton. Project Space 1 is made possible with the generous support of the Evans Family Foundation.