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Yusuke Ito
Untitled (Loke Lau)
Nov 12, 2016 - Jan 7, 2017

Press Release

LAXART is pleased to present Untitled (Loke Lau), Japanese–born, Los Angeles–based artist Yusuke Ito's first solo exhibition. Presented in LAXART's Project Space 1 on the hour and on the half–hour daily, this video installation features the video Untitled (Loke Lau), an experimental narrative following a lead character as he investigates his romantic partnership and the United States' naturalization process that effects both individuals. This deeply personal and lyrical video centers on the Green Rose—or Loke Lau in Hawaiian—as a symbol for the illusiveness and allure of an American Green Card. The video is a portrait of dislocation, adopted homes, love, labor, and “natural” history. Accompanying this video is a short, ten–minute animation that plays before each screening. 

Yusuke Ito received his BFA from the University of Texas as Austin, and an MFA from Art Center College of Design in Spring of 2016. His project with LAXART is his debut exhibition. 

Special thanks to Art Center College of Design, Bruce Hainley, Jason Smith, and Diana Thater.