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Asha Schechter
Bloopers III
Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2013

Water Bottles, Strawberry 2.0, Party String Can, Toothbrush Collection, Human Stomach Cross Section, Cute Ribbon Bow Collection, 3D Ribbon 01, Crocs Shoes, Sandals, & Clogs in Pink, Green, Lime, Blue, Colored Pencils, CFL Compact Fluorescent, Water Bottles, Calculator, 3D eyeball sclera iris, Gymnastic Trampoline, Newspapers V3, Plastic Bottle, Red Gummy Bear, Snoopy 3D, Neon Font, Chicken Body, Jigsaw Puzzle (1 Piece), Taco, Football Soccer Character, Icepop, Car Turbocharger Untextured, Keychain with TS Logo and Key, Auction-Law Gavel, Gift Box Green, Plastic Bottle, Ping Pong Paddle, Plush Shark, Jigsaw Puzzle (1 Piece), Maya Shovel Subdivided, Alarm Clock IKEA, Aztec Calendar, Bird Feathers Collection, Cute Ribbon Bow Collection, Water Bottles, Game and Watch Snoopy Tennis, TV PHILIPS 3D LED, CFL Compact Fluorescent, Wine Glass Pendant Virgo, Character Cartoon Football 3d model, Kitchen Blender, Watermelon.MAX, Credit card, Watering Can, Plastic Bottle, Neon Font 2 (11), Neon Tube Alphabet 2 (5), Pillow 1, Water Bottles, Cook’s Knife, SpongeBob Cake, Colored Pencils