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CB08 Exhibitions in Tijuana
Nov 1 - Dec 19, 2008

Located at the juncture between Mexico and the United States, at one of the most trafficked border crossings in the world, the city of Tijuana is recognized as an important laboratory for the exploration of contemporary art practices, architecture, urbanism, and popular culture. CB08 crosses this international border and partners with three venues critical to the city’s cultural infrastructure to stage a series of binational exchanges and collaborations. Estación Tijuana, Lui Velazquez, and EL CUBO, the new museum addition to Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT) will serve as platforms to investigate the city’s artistic and intellectual environment while generating dialogue around notions of regionalism, locational identity, immigration, and the other multiple forces molding this complex territory.

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If you have any questions regarding the exhibitions and events in Tijuana, Mexico in conjunction with CB08, you can contact Cesar Garcia at

These Projects are affiliated with the 2008 California Biennial, organized by the Orange County Museum of Art, and curated by Lauri Firstenberg. CB08 is produced in tandem with LA><ART Public Art and Off Site Initiatives with ForYourArt.

Special thanks to Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT), Estación Tijuana, Lui Velazquez, Lucia Sanroman, Felipe Zuñiga, Abril Castro, Camilo Ontiveros, Marcos Ramirez ERRE, Aram Moshayedi, and Cesar Garcia.

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