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Jody Zellen
LA><ART Window
May 16 - Jul 7, 2007

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LA><ART WINDOW: Jody Zellen: All Moments are Now

MAY 16 – JUNE 30, 2007

As part of its Public Art Initiatives, LA><ART is pleased to present a newly commissioned window installation by Los Angeles based artist Jody Zellen. Continuing the series of projects situated in and around the gallery’s office win- dow, Zellen’s All Moments are Now uses Los Angeles as a backdrop, offering contemporary and historic images of the city with an emphasis on the activity of walking to suggest the passage of time. All Moments are Now will be visible day and night, alternating visual registers between natural and artificial light sources.

During the day, a frieze of text circling the window frame is visible from the building’s exterior. This banner of text draws from poetic and theoretical writings that relate to the experi- ence of urban life, here presented as a collage of sentence fragments. From inside, a transparent mylar collage refer- ences stained glass, allowing a view onto the street. As the sun moves, dramatic and colorful shadows are cast onto the office wall. The contents of this image are visible from the building’s exterior only at night, otherwise appear- ing as a darkened window in the daylight.

Jody Zellen currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and works in a variety of media including photography, instal- lation, net art, and public art. Selected solo projects and exhibitions have taken place at Pace University’s Digital Gal- lery (2005), the Laguna Art Museum (2004-05), Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects (2002), and Deep River, Los Angeles (2001). Zellen’s net art projects have been shown world wide at festivals and exhibitions since 1997.

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